Harding Financial Partners Focuses on:

Helping you make retirement plan choices

For many that will qualify for the public service, civil service and federal retirement plans, you will make an irrevocable decision the day you submit your initial paperwork. Early planning can help you increase the retirement benefit you qualify for and can also leave any unused funds for the next generation. Without planning, this may not be possible.


Helping you look at alternatives to Long Term Care

Utilizing features of the Pension Protection act, you can use current assets to leverage future long term care expenses as an alternative to purchasing an individual long term care policy. Some of these features could allow for tax free withdrawls under the act and, if structured properly, can last you and your spouse’s lifetime.


Helping you understand Life Insurance

Life insurance is a changing instrument that can be affected by interest rate fluctuations, market cycles and mortality tables. For the first time buyer, we like to educate you on the different products available and help you select the appropriate type and amount that suits your needs. If you currently hold an insurance policy that is more than 5 years old and has never been reviewed, you need to re-examine your coverage for price and performance to be certain that it meets your goals.


Helping you analyze your present financial situation

Building personal wealth and financial security is both an art and a science. To be successful, one must use a variety of skills in analyzing potential outcomes, implementing a strategy and controlling the desired results. Coordinating these steps is an ongoing and ever-changing process due to variations in economic circumstances surrounding one’s life. Our goal is to provide a more efficient and cost effective approach to building wealth, using our Wealth in Motion software program through Leap Systems. We use a macro-financial process that focuses on your total financial picture called “Lifetime Economic Acceleration ProcessTM”. This process focuses on the strategic positioning and movement of your money which seeks to improve the effectiveness of your money over time.